Where it all started.

Our story

Shampooheads Professional is a new salon hair care range created by

Geoff and Colette Bell who together have over 30 years of industry and educational expertise.

Designed and developed with major contributions from Teens and Tweens,

including their very own kids, who were the inspiration behind the Shampooheads Professional range.

The input by ‘kids for kids’ was crucial to create the look and feel of the products and also

provided true insights into the thought processes and demands of modern day Teen and Tweens.

Quite simply, we asked, we listened, as a result we created a market driven product range:

The Original Salon Professional Haircare range for Teens and Tweens - BY KIDS, FOR KIDS.

Strawberry Kiss

Tropical Twist

Blueberry Burst

Meet Our Brand Ambassador

A brand developed and built upon the credibility and authorityof Dr. Miriam Stoppard OBE.

Providing aspirational healthcare information and services designed to support women and their families through every stage of their lives.

Dr Miriam Stoppard

  • The UK’s leading expert on family health, trusted by millions of mums and their families.
  • Voted the UK’s No.1 Parenting Guru by Bounty Mums.
  • Global sales of over 25 million childcare and parental books.
  • Enjoys a very large market awareness (average 85%) among mums aged between 18 and 44.
  • 18 years on television as a family health expert, and presently 3 million readers every day in the Daily Mirror.
  • Received an OBE in the new years honour’s list 2010.


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